Baby Blessing Invitation

by - May 18, 2017

My friend Tracy asked me to design her baby's blessing invitation for her and I couldn't have been more thrilled for the opportunity!

I really love this idea of an invitation opposed to a baby announcement. I feel like with the internet and word getting out so quickly, by the time you receive an announcement in the mail you've already seen 100+ pictures of the baby anyways. It's always fun to get in the mail. It's one of those items I call "fun mail," but I kind of think they're not as necessary as they used to be. There is always a spot in the baby book for an announcement, but you could put an invitation there instead! (Sorry, if you're hatin' - I'm just such a practical person!) 
I suggested blush florals and it was a go! These are 4x6 invitations with a printed back design as well.
Tracy is an Usborne consultant and we just did a straight up trade for both of our services. I got some sweet activity books for a road trip which my daughter will be able to use on our trip to our family reunion at the end of the month! Exciting! 

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