Narwhal and Unicorn Prints on Sale at Eleventh Avenue/Groopdealz!

by - May 27, 2016

I haven't really introduced these prints yet because I'm thinking I should do a few more to make them fit into a collection. But for now, I decided to enter them into Eleventh Avenue/Groopdealz to see if I can make a quick buck!

The deal is set for 55% off..! Crikey! I don't even go that low for Black Friday, so take advantage of it! (The deals on Eleventh Avenue/Groopdealz need to be at least 50% because that's what their sit is all about.) Narwhal deal can be found here and unicorn is here

So funny story, if you look at those deal pages, I've got a million of the same photos posted...! I'm so embarrassed about it! When I was uploading them, it was taking forever and there wasn't a bar or anything saying they were uploading... So I kept uploading more because I wasn't sure what was going on... And I thought I had the right number loaded after deleting a few repeats, but no. Somehow some made it through and it looks so awful! So, mistake made and lesson learned. 

Deal ends on May 30th! 

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