Classy Christmas: Pinecone Ornaments

by - December 05, 2014

Guys, these are seriously the easiest ornament you could ever make! After I finished them, I asked myself, "Was that it??" I seriously felt like more effort should've been required.  

Tools you will need:
 scissors, thread, hot gluegun, pinecones
1. Take some thread, cut it so there's enough to form a big loop large enough to hang on your tree. Probably about 4-6 inches.

2. Tie it off in a square knot. 

3. Hot glue the knotted loop part onto the pinecone. 

Wait for it to set and dry and...

Seriously. Easy-peasy. You could add a nice ribbon bow to spruce it up a bit or keep it magical like it's a floating pinecone.

Your choice.

You are officially on your way to a Classy Christmas.

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