Classy Christmas: Advent Calendar Make-Over

by - December 11, 2014

Last year my Mom was throwing out some of her old Christmas decorations, some of which I had grown up with my entire life and just couldn't let go of. I'm talking Precious Moments - cheery hand-painted 90's stuff.

Sounding cute, right?

I so wanted these pieces to work into my Classy Christmas theme - they HAD to work!

A year later, it finally came to me that they just needed a paint job. That's it. Nothing modge-podged or vinyl-lettered. Just a classy paint make-over.

So here it is, 90's Christmas tree advent calendar turned into Classy Chic 2014 Christmas Countdown:

Check back to see the Precious Moments nativity scene reveal. It will blow your mind with what a good paint job can do!

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  1. Oh! I love that you kept it and it looks so good!