by - August 29, 2013

Chaosity = kay-os-i-tee  .  chaos and insanity put together  .  Her life was in such a mess that it turned into chaosity. (This is legit, guys!)

Hey ya'll! As you know school has started and if any of you have actually read my little bio here, you would know that I'm still in school, desperately trying to finish. Because of school, my schedule has already become a little hectic and I know I won't be able to add much to this blog. My priorities right now are school and family, but I'll try my best to make time for this too! I've already gotten a little bit of recognition so far from Debra Bass, a St. Louis Today Fashion Editor with my Toilet Paper Art coming soon on an article that she's doing! (I won't go into much detail. I already hope I'm not spoiling anything because I'm talking about this now before it actually makes it into the paper...) So I'm sad that I can't continue on with promoting my blog and doing as much as I can to make it better.

BUT in the meantime, I'm taking a UI/IX Design class which will help me learn coding! So later I'll be able to make this website, or even make my own website so much better! It's exciting! Because, this site ain't got no style and things going where I want them to go.

So, stay with me, people! I'll probably be doing more recipes than crafts because I'm always trying new meals from Pinterest. And then come Christmas-time, I'll have a lot of cute crafty decor coming along from stuff I did last year. And of course I'll share some of my design work from school. So I guess my blog won't become too much of a dead-beat, but just know there might be some dry-spells happening.

Hang with me and love you guys!

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  1. That's awesome that someone's already found you and doing an article about you. You are just too legit to quit.