Test Pin: Using Baking Soda on Smelly Shoes

by - June 04, 2013

I have been amazed with all of those pins floating around on Pinterest with how much you can do with baking soda, vinegar, and Dawn dish soap! Or even just plain baking soda! So it got me thinking, could I use baking soda to freshen up my stinky water shoes? It's a natural deodorizer so it has to work...

We had just gotten back from a vacation to the tropics, and I used my water shoes almost every day in both fresh water and the salty sea water. After a week of fun, they were really pungent. Something had to be done! I thought about washing them in the washing machine, but I wasn't so sure it would take out the stench. Then I remembered about all of the wonderful things that baking soda can supposedly do. I had to try it.

baking soda
old toothbrush/scrubbing brush
vinegar (optional)

Mix baking soda with some water until it forms a slightly watery paste. And then scrub, scrub, scrub! All over the shoes: soles, inside, outside, everywhere. Rinse with water. This should take care of the smelly smell! (If not, follow the optional directions and pour a little vinegar inside and scrub the inside. Rinse.)

And you're done! 

It's nice to have fresh shoes! All while using natural ingredients too. 

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