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by - June 17, 2013

I have a picky toddler eater and sadly I've become trapped into the routine of what to feed her. To help me get out of chicken nuggets and Mac & Cheese drill I came up with a list of meal ideas and a nutrition tracker to help me feed her more healthy. Now I can easily refer to my list on my refrigerator and come up with something quickly! With the Nutrition Tracker, I can manually or mentally check off what she's eaten so later in the day I can plan something of nutritional value that she hasn't already had for the day.

Tools you will need:
provided printables
stapler or hemp cord/twine
*optional: magnets and hot glue gun

Meal Idea List Instructions:
Print and cut printables. If you would like to make your list into a notepad, print many copies. Staple or tie together with hemp cord or twine. 

On the back, with a hot glue gun, glue magnet on. (Obviously you can skip this step and just hold it up with other refrigerator magnets. OR you can repurpose that old dentist magnet and just glue it onto the back of your list!)

Now your notepad is ready to hang on your fridge! Handy and dandy!

This notepad can be used to help you plan your families meals or your toddlers meals, like what I'm planning on using it for. I wrote on there meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks so it will be a convenience for me to help my toddler eat healthy. But this can be used for whatever your heart desires.  

Now go ahead and to the same with your Nutrition Tracker! You can make it into a notepad also and print out lots of copies so you can use it daily, or just print one and use it as a mental reference. I'm using mine as a mental reference - saves trees! And I'm just going to hang it with some refrigerator magnets. *Note: I made this Nutrition Tracker according to what toddlers should be getting into their diets, but I feel it is just as useful for anyone at any age! 

Print here

Print here

Print here

Print here

What's on my toddlers Meal Idea list:

. Whole Grain Waffles/Pancakes
. Applesauce Pancakes
. Whole Grain Muffins
. Pumpkin Bread Muffins
. French Toast
. Scrambled Eggs
. English Muffin Pizza
. Hummus & Veggies/Pita Bread
. Mini Quiche
. Egg Salad
. Peanut Butter & Banana Grilled Sandwich
. Apple Slices with P.B. or String Cheese
. Berries & Yogurt
. Graham Crackers with Applesauce
. Graham Cracker Sandwich with Yogurt & Banana
. Cucumber, Celery, Carrot & Ranch 
. Nilla Waffers Sandwiches with Banana and P.B.
. Oatmeal Raisin or Ginger Snap Cookies
. Meatballs with Veggies Inside

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  1. These are really cute and a great way to remember to get all those food groups in