DIY Patriotic Decorative Garlands

by - June 12, 2017

A few years ago I did a TV segment on the local news station showcasing this DIY project and then they briefly mentioned my business. (Hey, it was 2 minutes long! A lot was crammed in there!)

It was my first time being on TV, it was something that took a lot of guts and was way out of my comfort zone! So afterwards I totally forgot to post this DIY because I was so relieved it was over!
I love this garland because it's so easy. It's not super time consuming too. Just make it while you watch a movie or your favorite TV show!
I already made a tutorial for it here. I used these garlands to decorate my daughter's birthday party and they were so great on a budget.
There are two different kinds you can make. The first one that's showed above (Rag Garland) and the option shown below (Knot Garland). Both are equally easy, but I will say the Knot Garland uses more fabric if that's a concern.
 So go grab some red, white and blue fabric and make yourself some American decor!

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