"Eat Happy" Prints on Sale on Groopdealz/Eleventh Avenue!

by - June 07, 2016

I know I just did a deal on Eleventh Avenue/Groopdealz, but like I said before, I need to make a quick buck! And I've been curious to see if these venues would help me promote my shop more. I have a feeling they won't because people go to shop at those sites only to get super great deals, but it never hurts to try. 

Again, the deal is set for 55% off..! So if you've been eyeing any of these fruit bowls, now is the time to get it! Deal can be found here.

Once I find the perfect frame, I'm going to hang the strawberry one in my kitchen and replace that old raspberry canvas one. I love how bright and happy these add to the kitchen! 

Deal is on from today (June 7th) to June 12th! 

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