Results of the Boutique

by - June 08, 2014

The boutique did not go well - at all.

I had 1 sale and it was from a friend, and had maybe 3 other people come and actually walk up to my table to look. I'm so glad I brought a book. Otherwise I would've been bored outta my mind!

I do have to say it was a good experience, but nothing I could've learned from a better boutique fair:
1. I should've filled up my square more with other tables so I could spread out the prints better. I did have this idea, but I didn't want to buy a table, let alone more tables just in case. Which of course now I'm glad I didn't do because I made no money...
2. A canopy to shade people from the heat also maybe would've brought people in, but I'm still not so sure if that would've worked. I'm also glad I didn't because of said money I didn't make... My neighbors were nice and lent me a beach umbrella. I'm so grateful they did or else I would've melted! and fried! I put on sunscreen, but I still got sunburned!
3. I should've had a drawing to win a free print. DUH! I totally forgot to do this! I saw only one other person do this which made me remember, but I'm not sure how much of a difference it made for her anyways, at least at this particular venue.

This place was literally in the ghetto.

I'm not kidding.

At first I was kinda worried it might be, but I don't know the Salt Lake area that much, so I thought it might've passed it and would be ok. I mean, who would think having a boutique where people don't make any money is a good idea?? Well, these people did. Definitely a different side of Utah. Anyways, this was their first time throwing an event together, and while I do think they did a good job with advertising, I really believe it was just the location and overall demographic of the area. I know it would've turned out better if it was in Draper, Lehi, or Alpine, where people have money. Anyways, lesson learned that even if it looks like a good opportunity, weigh in the area too.

I'm going to try to look for other opportunities, I mean, I have the inventory for it! I don't want it to go to waste! Plus a million hair-bows too. My husband had the idea that I make some to draw-in a different audience. So, I need to get rid of all of those too.

To the journey that keeps on going.

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  1. You should try doing the Provo Farmer's Market. There are a ton of crafty people there as well!

  2. Well at least you know what not to do now!

  3. Oh no, Tiffany! You're stuff is even really inexpensive! That's surprising. Well, can I buy some bows? I want some. :)