Photography Logo : Client Work

by - May 03, 2014


Over this past month I had the opportunity to work with Melea, who is a photographer and needed a new logo for her business. She wanted to start looking more professional and knew that she needed a graphic designer to help her achieve a branding makeover. Melea was so easy to work with and we banged this out in just a few weeks. 

I personally like the one below the best, but overall it's her decision and really, you can't go wrong with either of them. At first I wasn't really thinking about doing a big symbol, but then the idea of an old movie reel came to mind. So I constructed an abstract reel to show how she also does movies and not just photography. The green color was a must, and it also reminds me of how refreshing her work is with some of the commercial settings taking place in bright areas.

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