"Wild One" Zebra Birthday Party

by - February 28, 2014

I have been in full-fledge party mode since January to prepare for my daughter's birthday! She'll be turning 2 in the beginning of March and I really want to have a little friend party because she has a lot of little friends. So, shortly I'll be sharing how the party went and everything I designed for her party.

But for now, I'll be sharing what I did for her first birthday party! We just had family over, but it was her first birthday so I really wanted it to be special, without breaking the bank. She has always loved animals so I went with a soft pink zebra theme.

White chocolate party favors in re-used baby food jars.
Food place card 
Cupcake toppers

My lovely grandma modeling the dessert table.
 What helped keep the cost at bay was designing everything myself: invitations, place cards, cupcake toppers, jar favor/water cup wrap, plus a "Save the Date" that I sent through email.

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  1. Such a cute idea!!! And holy cow! You went all out on the treats and decorations! I'm so impressed! I'm sure this year will be amazing as well :)