Sweater to Beanie DIY

by - December 23, 2013

All of my beanies are pretty old and outdated and I really love the sweater-looking beanies that are in style right now. The catch is that I can't knit and I really don't want to brave the insane crowds that are going on this time of year... So I decided to resolve my issue with a safe, indoor DYI project. 

Tools you will need:
old sweater
beanie to measure with
sewing machine

1. Find an old sweater of yours or who-evers. 

2. Measure where you'll want to cut your beanie with an existing beanie. Make sure you use the bottom edge of the sweater to create a nice, clean edge for the brim of the hat. I used the hood part of my sweater so I would do less sewing.

3. Cut around the beanie.

 4. Put the right sides together and sew the edges using a zig-zag stitch. (The zig-zag stitch allows some stretch.) And make sure you backstitch where you started and ended.

5. Trim the thread, flip it out and you've got yourself a sweater beanie!

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