Test Pin: Using a Fun Noodle to Hold Boots Up

by - July 11, 2013

I've always wanted to try this trick, but when I first saw it, the fun noodles hadn't hit the stores yet. Now that it's summer time, even the dollar store had some in stock! And I decided to give the pin a try.

Tools you will need:
one or more fun noodles
a sharp knife

First step is to measure out how many cuts you will need for your boots. I didn't do mine super long - only 9 inches and it seemed to do the trick. Then cut and put inside your boots! One thing that surprised me was how it wasn't messy! I thought for sure it would've been and was geared up to have little specs of blue foam everywhere. But it was a clean, quick project!

I only cut the noodles to fill it up about 2/3 of the way
 instead of filling up the whole boot to the top.
Saved a bit of money!
I only got one fun noodle because I was only using this for 2 pairs of boots, so with what was leftover, I tested another pin: fun noodle bath ring toys! I think it was a hit!

Test Approved!

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